Welcome to Cisitalia’s Official website, where you will find everything related to the brand, its history, achievements, also you may request for information, parts and find out the new Cisitalia’s 2011 editions.

The importance of brand Cisitalia is apparent in the amount of literature that has generated through out the years, and also continues to generate today. There are many fans who every day find the significance of Turin´s brand in modern racing. Here you will find a collection of publications with all kinds of articles on the cars for free consultation. Unfortunately, some of the books noted here are very difficult to find nowadays because they are out of print editions.

During the years of historical recovery of Cisitalia, it has been appearing not only valuable information in the form of literature, but also other small treasures with the brand as a protagonist thatwe want to share here with you. They are part of the myth and magic of the brand Cisitalia.